Isn’t it ironic?

One side of the paper today is dedicated to the Orange legion at the World Cup in Marseille… the other side reported on the Orange Order’s stand off in Drumcree Northern Ireland.

While the Netherlands have moved on to fight their battles on the football pitch, 700 miles away a people who look the same, talk the same, eat the same, swear the same, are still trying to get the gun out of their politics.

I know nothing about Irish politics. From my comfortable home it all seems medieval to me.

Talking medieval: on the train today a couple of Dutch soldiers were discussing tonight’s match against Brasil. ‘The referee is an Arab, you know what that means, don’t you? He’ll be in favour of the Brasilians. They’re all muslims, like him!’

They should teach our soldiers how dangerous it can be to mix up your religions.

Link of the Day:
Jason Kottke keeps redesigning his site. He says it’s now what he wanted it to be.