Get a move on

I want to move house. I’ve been living in Utrecht for 16 years now and I’ve just about had enough. Utrecht is very much a student town, and I stopped being a student a decade ago.

Amsterdam is where I want to be. My city of birth. I love Amsterdam to bits – it’s got big city grandeur combined with village attitudes. It’s stunningly beautiful in places, it’s got all the art, cinema, culture you’d want to absorb. Amsterdam people are intrinsically nicer than those in Utrecht. They aren’t as suspicious, and they aren’t as provincial. The food’s a lot better too.

Today, I picked 3 houses from the newspaper ads, and I’m going to have a look at them tomorrow and Friday. I’ve never done such a thing before, so I’m happy my dad will come along to do what dad’s are supposed to do… be knowledgeble about stuff you don’t know anything about.

More tomorrow.

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