Big question

I played a friendly tennis match yesterday afternoon. I was 4-0 up in the first set when I lost my cool. Physically unfit, I could not concentrate long enough and my opponent got back up to 4-4. I won 6-4 6-1 after that. I hadn’t played a match in more than 10 years – and found out that at 35 years old I still haven’t mastered the art of playing for fun. I get nervous and impatient. I can’t control my temper. Every point has to be a winner and that makes me tense up. I was a bad loser as a kid… and I still am. How very disappointing.

So was the house I looked at today. Stunning on the outside. Dismal on the inside. I won’t even mention the cost of it. It was off putting and I must admit I find the whole idea of having to decide over something so radical totally daunting.

I’m trying to figure out what is more important for me when it comes to a place to live. Size? Beauty? Location? My friend S. claims that in England they say there are only 3 criteria to bear in mind when buying a house: ‘Location, location and location.’

I haven’t worked it out yet. Let me know what you think? I’ve put up a little vote on housing, go see.

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