A room with a view

I saw a place I liked. It’s a lovely place smack in the middle of ‘De Pijp’ in Amsterdam. Huge balcony on the south, lovely view of opulent green gardens. Wooden floor throughout.

The owner said he’d already been offered more than it’s up for sale for. (fl. 220.000). I definitely can’t afford more than that. I thought the whole idea was to offer around 15% less than what they ask. But with supply only barely equalling demand, owners have the luxury of selling to the highest bidder. (First come first served is what it used to be.) I have to make my bid before Tuesday 5 pm.

I’ve only been at this a few days, and it’s already depressing me no end. Going through other people’s houses is embarrassing. Dealing with large amounts of (somebody else’s) money is daunting. The thought of my rent doubling is frightening.

I want to curl up in a small dark place and sleep for a long long time.