Well you can tell….

I suppose I’m late to tag on to the 70’s disco revival. I guess it was Hot Chocolate’s re-release of ‘Sexy thing’ on the Full Monty soundtrack that really got me going. Suddenly I’m scrounging the net for groovy empeethrees, downloading a massive 400 mb of tunes – mostly hip & trip hop, some alternative, spiced with those great tunes I used to love to hate. Beegees, Abba, Patti LaBelle, Carl Douglas sit nicely next to Air’s post-postmodern-neo-dance-chill-out grooves.

I’m so tired of the Radioheads, the Pearl Jams, all the guitar-angst-wank-rockers in this world.

And what the hell does Bob Dylan’s spawn think they are doing murdering the holy Bowie’s Heroes? I think it’s time for yankee rockers to get out of the garage and into the closet.

Ah ah ah ah staying aliiiiiiiiiiiive… that’s where it’s at.

PS. I think I’ll just rent. The vote tells me so.

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iMusic have started a great soundtrack site.

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