Well, I don’t know what the hell that valium was for. I really didn’t need it. Us women… we’re used to pain. ;-)

But I still can’t walk properly (and should give the leg a good rest) so I’ve got to go get crutches. They’re on the other side of town basically – and I’ll have to rent them at 6 guilders a day, or something. Not too bad. It’s getting there that is the problem. Taxi… but then there’s a market going on right now, so it’s going to be a bit crowded.


It was a bit of a trek, but I managed to get the crutches. They’re actually 6 guilders a week – they’re going to make a HUGE profit on that! I’d forgotten how difficult walking with crutches is and I’m pretty tired from the excursion. But I’m back in work tomorrow, my company will take care of transportation from the station

So, I didn’t get to do much today – a little work on the Fatima Mansions site, that’s all.

A lot of people have said I should get a second opinion and perhaps go see a physiotherapist. That would mean I’d have to see my GP first… a lot of hassle and bills.

Excuse me while I stumble down to the shops to get a bottle of pop.