Hmm. I’m not sure that was a good idea. Going to work on crutches? I guess if you stick to it long enough, your arms get strong enough to get you anywhere. But I was struggling. And the escalators at Utrecht central station were kaput.

‘s Funny how some people are *so* helpful. And others make a point of bumping in to you, or *not* helping you out when you could obviously use some.

The muscle seems to be relaxing a bit now. I might be back on both feet by the end of the weekend, if I take it slow. I hope so, because I’m a bit too impatient for all this and I’m tired of living on bread.

Just watching a bit of the MTV awards. This years winners are a joke. Natalie Imbruglia my arse. Aerosmith… pullease – yes, they’re dedicated pros… but they’re not exactly the avant garde of popular music. Will Smith – he’s just so… so… so fucking Cosby! Backstreet Boys… godalmighty. Hmm… ok, I admit it, that Backstreet’s Back song was kind of catchy. Best performance of the night must be Ghetto Superstar… Wyclef Jean and Pras and whatever their names are.

Madonna can’t sing, but at least she makes great records :). I hated her very first hit over here, “Like a Virgin”, but have come to appreciate her since then. I think she’s very very cool and smart. My favourite Madonna singles are ‘Deeper and Deeper’ and ‘Justify My Love’.

Anyone out there a ‘lists’ person? I’m not so bad now, but I used to scribble down lists all the bloody time. Best books, best singles, best albums, etc. It’s a trainspotter kind of affliction.

Well, I was scribbling down my favourite performers the other day:

Gavin Friday, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, George Michael, Frank Sinatra, Marc Almond, Tom Jones, Mario Lanza, Robbie Williams, David Bowie and Sinead O’Connor. I stopped there and wondered what the significance of that list was.

Well, I don’t know. Perhaps that I like men more than women’s voices… unless they’re bald?

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