Sunday B… you get the drift. Not much you can do with a bad leg, is there? Amazing how you can take walking for granted.

The fever went up to around 38,7 and then subsided during the night. Woke up feeling better and I could even stand on the leg… a bit. But I was soon back to the crutches. My hands are getting sore from them.

I watched boring television all day and read some more of Bridget Jones’s Diary. After ordering spaghetti and garlic bread & tiramisu from the take away (it sounds better than it tastes) I finally finished work on the Arcanum site. It isn’t ready to go live yet – the boys in the band are checking it out for bugs and updates. It’s a simple but effective site, I think. I originally wanted to invest some more time and effort into it, but I then stuck to the k.i.s.s. rule. (Cause I’m lazy). I hope the fans are happy with it.