I’ve got blisters on mah fingeeeeers!

Hmm. What band wrote that ‘lyric’? I don’t know the answer, so someone tell me please.

The leg seems worse: stiffer, more painful. I’ve got a burning sensation in it. Travelling was HELL today. It’s raining (Holland is partly flooded by the way… very unusual) and it’s dangerous out there. The crutches slip on the floors at Central Station. I’m not going through that tomorrow. Waiting outside in the rain way too long for that damn train-taxi – trying to balance on my one leg. I’ll catch a death o’ cold. My good leg is hurting from the strain too.

I called the MD… and was told I was half an hour too late. Please call between 11 and 11.30. Fuck that. MD’s are useless. They don’t want to see you, they make you pay hot rice for a consultation by phone, they never take you seriously…

My hands are sore & full of blisters from the damn crutches, eventhough I’m wearing my cycling gloves. People were amazingly rude today – bumping in to me, not waiting for me to get on or off the train, not helping me get on or off the train, not waiting for to get on the escalator. It is totally amazing and it deserves a new column in ‘Flat’.

The boys in Arcanum are happy with the site… it just needs a few changes here and there. So that’s a load off my back. Now I can work on some stuff for gavinfriday.com .