Soup and hiking

Strange stuff on telly last night – I had never heard of an – apparently french – recipe of peas, lettuce & butter & baby onions, but on Tuesday afternoon, one of the cooks on Ready, Steady, Cook prepared it. Last night, on Two Fat Ladies, we got the same recipe. Odd. I’m going to have to try that now.

The girls also prepared a Spanish ‘bean’ soup. If someone saw it, please tell me when they put the beans in, because I didn’t catch it – all I saw them put in was sausages (fresh chorizo and blackpudding, yum!), a leg of ham and some cut pork, water and potatoes. It looked good though and reminded me of my favourite soup: portuguese kale soup.

Caroline’s Portuguese Kale Soup:
ingredients: 5 large potatoes, a large handful of shredded kale (for the dutch: this is boerenkool), 2 table spoons of olive oil and a whole chorizo (I dunno, about 200 grams of it, I suppose).

Cook the potatoes in a liter of water with the olive oil, until they’re ready to mash. Mash the potatoes in the pot. Add the kale… now, when I say shredded… I *mean* shredded. Really thinly sliced, all right? Like strings. (Roll up the leaf, and then slice it… that’s the easiest way & for god’s sake buy a decent knife) Add the sliced chorizo. Season to taste. Eat! Delish! (I always forget which herb to put in, so use your imagination and choose something mediterranean.)

I don’t know whether these are the proper amounts of ingredients – I don’t really measure stuff, I just add whatever seems right on the spot. Con amore. I can’t wait to move out, have my own kitchen and practice my cooking again… because I know I like good food better than I’m able to cook it these days!

Update on the house: it’s still there… I’m still #1 on the list… just have to wait.

Got some surprise e-mail today… from the singer of a once rather well known Irish band. (hmm… if anyone wants to guess this one… feel free. He actually looks like Gavin Friday a bit, when he’s got his hair short) Apparently the band’s still together & he needed some advice on web sites. Chuffed to find he remembered me. Guess ‘that Dutch chick who wrote the book on Gav’ isn’t too hard to forget.

Hmm, I’m getting hooked on Eastenders a bit… that Grant fella is a bit of a bad boy & yours truly has a soft spot, I guess.

Dad called and said it might be a good idea for me to come down for the weekend so they can take care of me & the leg. Ok then. A bit of pampering will do me good. :) And at least this time they won’t make me go hiking with them! I wonder how many children suffer their parents’ love of hiking. I *hate* hiking… unless it’s actually somewhere *interesting*, and there’s a mountain to conquer… hiking in Holland is a joke… yet the entire country seems to be addicted to it. Y’all must come have a look – the Dutch dress up for it in weird khaki clothing (as if we’re in the desert) with pants you can zip the legs off… and fleece sweatshirts & Gore-tex jackets. It’s hilarious. Every weekend, they dress up like this and go hiking.

Mebbe I wouldn’t be such a stressed out maniac if I was a bit more like all those weird hiking Dutch…