Grab my crutch

You should see me hurl myself down the corridors on my crutches. Now that the leg is getting better and can hold a bit of weight, I’ve become a *lot* more mobile. Does wonders for my mood, as does the lovely Indian Summer type weather we’re experiencing at the moment. One thing that tried to ruin my upbeat mood is the arrival of the dreaded blue envelope: ‘why haven’t you filled in your tax form yet, young lady, please do so RIGHT NOW or we will take possession of your all and everything and throw your body to the hounds!’ This means my next weekend will revolve around the following thought ‘I will start on my tax form today… just let me do this one thing first… oops, it’s bed time… well, I’ll do it tomorrow… at 11. Oops, it’s 12… well, I’ll start at 1… oops… etc.

Work has been tough-ish with lots of meetings (my favourite pass time, NOT) – had a bit of a laugh today about a proposal by an outside company… their html skills are… minimal to say the least. Snigger. Miss Fixitall will just have to fix it… heh heh.

Lots of fugging about with cgi scripts in the next few weeks – always a great sense of achievement once you get some script working. Hmm… this is turning into ‘Day in the life of a nerd’.

Talking sense of achievement – Jason Kottke… one of my webrus (the html version of gurus) told me he had been thinking of doing something like CROON for his 0sil8 web site. I don’t believe it… I actually had an original idea before somebody else did. Hallelujah.