Flog em

TV stations are having quite a bit of success with programmes like ‘Changing Rooms’ and the ‘Ground Force’ in which two teams of friends either redo one of the other team’s rooms or gardens.

Two interior designers come in to help the teams. Last night on changing rooms I was pleased to hear the one room was going to be changed to a ‘khaki’ look… which is what I want for my new house. Basically… I want my new house to look like this web site. Black and khaki… (actually… wouldn’t that be black and tan?) and terra (the colour the month at te top of this page has).

Great, I thought, I’m going to know what that looks like in a room! So this designer goes out to buy ‘khaki’ paint and he comes back with the green of army fatigues. He didn’t quite know what khaki was. So those people ended up with an army green room. I’m talking olive green. Poor sods. I preferred the other team’s room… who were going for a ‘vampire, gothic’ look… and ended up with something a lot more classy than that. I think those designers do whatever the hell they feel like doing.

I talked to my neighbours today, they want to move to Amsterdam as well and have a hard time finding something that suits their purpose and their purse. At the moment they’re looking at something… literally a stone throw away from my prospective property. Guess we’ll have to put up with eachother again. They’re lovely people so I don’t mind.

My previous job really took it out of me. Oh the memories… more bitter than sweet. Being told to show more initiative… when ever single initiative I took was nipped in the bud and then I would be spanked and humiliated for it because I didn’t stick to the book.