Took care of business today – got cab into town, stopping by my to finally get the mail, then had a haircut & agreed with J. (the girl who cuts my hair) to grow it. Haven’t had my hair long since 1987. I’ll try it for a winter… if it doesn’t agree with me next summer I go crew cut again. J. wants to move to Amsterdam as well – her friend lives in the Oud-West area & she’s grown very fond of it. She too originally comes from around Amsterdam. Maybe we’re all going back to our roots?

The cabbie was talkative – they usually aren’t over here as we’re not a nation of chit chatters. Got talking about the Internet and he said with perfect ease that he knew nothing about it, had surfed once and had gone straight for the sex sites. He wasn’t ‘admitting’, he wasn’t coy… just straightforward ‘I went straight for the sex sites’. We casually talked about porn on line. Fifteen years ago, this probably wouldn’t have been possible, not because we were shy about it, but because it was not “p.c.”.

The mail brought me some exciting stuff I’d ordered from Amazon and other unexpected delights. Someone I’m taping some music for included a fab looking book (Slow chocolate autopsy) which looks like a combination of art & literature. It follows a character around London. The other books were ‘Dutch Graphic Design 1918-1945’ and a book about the Stenberg Brothers.

Will be going to see ‘The Ice Storm’ tonight with D. Drinks and dinner first – she’ll have to cart me around on the back of her bike. Looking forward to being in town again – amongst people.