I’m going on a course next week… only it was this week. Got a call at work at 9.45 where the hell I was. Brilliant, we’d been told it was next week. Took a cab to the course, only 5 minutes away.

Interesting course – my boss and I are the only people who’ve any experience with web site making, the others are all tv makers from other broadcasters. Quite useful to hear the way they think and approach the ‘new’ medium. Teacher seemed knowledgeable too. Had to analyse a site with the help of a questionnaire, wasn’t too difficult – was easy to spot its faults. Will probably have difficulties once we get to storyboarding and scripting the concept – I’m not an ideas person – not very good at thinking up all these “FUN” ideas to go with a tv/radio show. Think on the whole it will be very useful course… every Monday/Tuesday for next 7 weeks…

Went for drinks with boss and other woman on the course after work. Three large beers done me in. Mussgettintobedearlyish to sleepitoff… zzzzz.