The Ostrich

Whatever you do, avoid restaurant ‘The Ostrich’ in Utrecht.

Having been turned down at two other restaurants – fully booked – we finally got an ‘ok’ at the Ostrich. A table would be ‘free in seconds, just wait at the bar’. It was 7.20. We had to be at the cinema at 9.30, and we were told that would be no problem.

Half an hour later it was obvious they’d forgotten about us. We asked again and they seated us outside. Nice table – menu looked ok – we were both going for ostrich meat, why not.

They were finding it hard to cope with the amount of customers. The waiter kept bringing round the wrong dishes to the wrong tables – and he looked panicky.

At 8.45 (!), having waited an hour and 25 minutes, we asked if it was going to take much longer. We were told the food would be ready very soon. We emphasised the fact that we had to be elsewhere at 9.30.

At 10 past 9 we asked again. I told the waiter that we would definitely be going if they didn’t deliver. ‘Any minute now,’ he said.

At 9.20 I told him to bring us the bill for the wine. It took him another 5 minutes to get it. ‘That’ll be 37 guilders.’

Excuse me? 37 guilders for half a caraffe of wine? ‘Yes, you had Perrier at the bar, and two beers, and the wine.’

We never had any beers, and if you are asked to wait at the bar, the water should be complimentary. The wine came down to 25 guilders. Ridiculously overpriced. I will never, ever, set foot in that place again – and I think I’ll write management a letter about it.

the Ice Storm

The film we saw, The Ice Storm, was good, but depressing. An excellent cast effort, beautifully filmed. Starts out as a tragi-comedy… but ended full on tragedy. I haven’t figured out why the kid has to die.

It makes you wonder whether your parents were like that in the 70’s.

The warm weather continues this Sunday – but I’m stuck at the desk doing my tax form. I’m only 5 months late.

Another short weekend – and I’ve the feeling I forgot to do something important (like… work on an intranet design, grab video images from a tape I brought home from work, get that vote script to work…)

You know what… let’s work on the vote script now, before Star Trek’s on.