October got colder

Work is taking over my life – I think things will be hectic for the next 7 weeks while I’m on the course. I’ve a few too many things going on at the same time. I need to write some instructions quick so the others can take over some of the regular tasks & I can dedicate my time to the larger projects.

I won’t have much time or energy for ‘Dag’, I think. All I think of is ‘bed’ once I come home.

Half a liter of Haagen Dazs was NOT a good idea. Neither was taking that valium last night that I’d left over from the visit to the hospital for my leg. Thought it would help ease the massive headache, and I suppose it did, but it also made me feel pretty worn out in the morning… as I should have known. Ah well… I don’t have any more so that takes care of that.

I’m worrying about the design I have to do for our debate show’s new pages…. I worry too much full stop.

Oh… new pet hate: company politics.