Grin and bear

Spent half of Sunday down the country at my friend L.’s surrounded by toddlers. Was relaxed in a way, but had work on my mind. Woke up today with a soar throat which got worse during the course. Shiver shiver. I *cannot* afford to be ill this week, so just grin and bear it.

Bought my first Elmore Leonard book, not really into crime fiction but had to try man – so many films are made of his books now. ‘Out of Sight’ is the novel the film with Clooney and Lopez is based on – it was hard not to read the book with their faces in mind. These books are very quick reads, I finished it going to and coming back from Hilversum on the train.

Managed to encode half of the videos last night while watching tv and cooking dinner. It’s a multi-tasking life.

We watched parts of a guy’s ‘interactive movies’ – the guy also came to talk to us about them. ‘Interactive movies’ are ok-ish… they’re not as exciting as real computer games, I think. Why would I want to watch an interactive movie? I want to see a film, want to be awed by what the director makes up for me – magically. Having an influence on the scenes makes it unnatural. Film is total immersion. It can’t be that if you can affect the outcome.

Bed early, am shivering.