Shameless Hussey

Wayne Hussey, Utrecht Vredenburg 1988, photo by CVODB
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The Mission were probably the most ridiculous band of the 80s. More pompous than U2, the missing link between The Cure and The Sisters of Mercy with semi religious gothic imagery, acres of dry ice and the occasional catchy tune. When we first saw them on TV, their preposterous promo for ‘Wasteland’ – all wind swept hills and flying flags – had us in stitches. But for a brief time, we were heavily into them, like we were into wearing black and purple clothing. A bit like you might have been into Bros as a teenager. Except we weren’t technically teenagers anymore.

I saw them live on three occasions. Which I am going to tell you about – but not now. Come back for updates. For now: some music.

One day we’ll look back at this
And laugh and laugh and we’ll die laughing
One day we’ll look back at this and laugh


3 Replies to “Shameless Hussey”

  1. I’m not sure what frightens me most about that photo: the hair, the awkward thrusting forward of the lips, or the sex god-style unbuttoned shirt*.

    The 80s were a scary, scary time.

    *The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith still do this shit. Do they really think that if they continue to dress the way they’ve done for the past twenty-odd years, the world will neglect to notice that they’re now old, all skin and bones and raised veins?

  2. Preparing to do a Patti Smith compilation CD for someone, I remembered the other day how gruesomely The Mission butchered her song ‘Dancing Barefoot’.

    I think you posted this the following day. That’s happening a lot at the moment.

  3. Oh yeah – I forgot. Most ridiculous band of the 80s? In this genre you’ve obviously forgotten the flour-coated, spaghetti western goth of Fields of the Nephilim. Compared to them, The Mission were a class act.

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