All we got is this moment

{ Michael Hutchence, click to enlarge }

It’s not the greatest picture. I wasn’t the biggest fan. But I’ve been listening to U2’s PopMart tour. Hutchence passed away while U2 were touring America, and his death influenced the shows quite a bit.

Hutchence and Bono were neighbours (in France) and friends.

Just listening to the concerts and writing down the words, Bono’s mourning and feelings of guilt, made me remember this shot I took when INXS played the MCV in Utrecht. I think it was 1986 or 7, but I can’t find an exact date for the show.

I had previously seen INXS in ’86, before they ‘broke’ America. They played a free festival in The Hague. Hutchence was mesmerizing. Made you feel he was singing for you alone. As I said, I wasn’t a huge fan, but his star quality was undeniable.

Oddly, what I remember most about the gig in Utrecht was INXS’s guitarist, who I thought was a fine thing. And their saxophonist, who wore cool specs.

I wish I had a recording of the show.

Update (8/2/2003):

Turns out I do have a full recording of the show and the date of the concert was February 16, 1988. It was just after Need you tonight had gone to #1 in the States and one or two months before they broke Europe. They were back in Holland on June 30th, playing the much larger Ahoy arena.

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  1. Yes, they have recorded some great songs. Beautiful girl, Need you tonight, Mediate, New sensation, Never tear us apart… Did I forget some?

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