Canal cruise

{ Amsterdam, 1963, The dad and the scowl }

No story attached to these pictures. I just found them in an old album. I still have the bracelet on my mother’s wrist. She liked silver and liked bold jewelry. I wear it sometimes but it doesn’t look as good on me.

I just wonder why my parents went on a canal cruise when obviously I’m too young to register it and they really should have been above that kind of thing.

(edited to add: yes, I know it’s Amsterdam. Yes, I know how canal cruises work. Yes, I know you can buy pictures. Yes. Yes. Yes. That is not the point.)

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  1. it looks like amsterdam. well then it’s obvious – you HAVE to go one of those cruises if you are in Amsterdam, even I have done it – four times *ugh* – even though i’m above that sort of thing.

    The tourguides esparanto talking is quite amusing though. They’ll speak five languages with the same intoonations, making it all a big esparanto blur rather than french, german, dutch, englih etc.. hahaha!

  2. Sigh.

    I suppose not everybody knows that I am in fact Dutch and perhaps I should have mentioned that we did in fact live in Amsterdam.

    Which only makes it weirder.

  3. There’s not a lot of things you can do with a baby, and you HAVE to get out of the house…so I totally understand.

    But your scowl says it all… so recognizable, too. {<: Looking forward to seeing it at the end of next week…

  4. I guess you already know this but a guy who does nothing else all day then taking pictures of people getting in the boat took those pictures. Afterwards he tries to sell the pictures, guess your parents bought them…

  5. It really baffles me how this side of my website gets comments that make me go ‘HUH?’ all the time. Seriously considering shutting off comments here.

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