Strange coincidence in iTunes today. 438 songs currently on my HD at work and I’m playing it shuffled. This is what I got:

First it played: A live version of David Bowie’s version of the Pixies’ Cactus. At the end of the song he explains it’s either about a friend of Frank Black’s in prison, or maybe Black’s own experience in prison.

Then it gave me: Frank Black & Two pale boys version of Cactus.

Enter theme of the Twilight Zone.

I’m telling you, iTunes is clairvoyant. I was flipping through some newspages somewhere, while listening to some music (also in shuffle mode) (and on a different machine, too!). Then I saw a pic of the Franz Ferdinand lads. At exactly the same moment, iTunes chose Take Me Out to play… Ik rust mijn kaas.
Low (link) – 03 March 2005 – 14:54

There was an article on this phenomenon somewhere recently. Basically said it was bollocks.
Caroline (link) – 03 March 2005 – 15:10

Obviously. Still, it made me go ‘whoa!’…
Low (link) – 03 March 2005 – 20:34

Well, bollocks almost always come in pairs. Surely that’s more than coincidence?
Hg (link) – 03 March 2005 – 21:06

I was gonna write ‘it was bollocks. But we know better…’
Caroline (link) – 03 March 2005 – 21:32