Knee deep in exercise

It’s amazing how quickly a body responds to exercise. I’ve had four 1-hour sessions at the physiotherapists’ gym, doing all kinds of leg muscle exercises. The leg press machine was one I was told to be careful with and the first three times I couldn’t really press more than 15 kilos before my knee started to hurt. Today 15 kilo felt like feathers and I had to go up to 40 before it felt right. Mr Physio said to try 50 next time and predicted I’d be doing 70, 80 soon. My thigh muscles feel a lot harder too. Just four trips to the gym, that’s all it takes. (I must confess I also do exercises in between my gym visits, on the metro! Just tightening leg muscles in sets of 5. Nobody notices.)

Fortunately, the quadriceps respond incredibly quickly to exercise.

Unfortunately, they shrink just as fast when the exercise is stopped.

It’s a life sentence.
ijsbrand (link) – 21 March 2005 – 19:10

I love the feeling of a good workout :)
experimental music (link) – 21 March 2005 – 20:58

the proof is in the pudding as they say. that’s why working out is overimportant.
seniorenman – 22 March 2005 – 12:33