Grand Tour of Little Britain


Just when we we were getting very bored with Stratford-upon-Avon (at 11am on our second day) we came across this man whose name we may never find out. He built a miniature version of Stratford junction as it would have looked a long time ago and has opened his house to show it. I was a little startled when he suddenly appeared amidst the trains and started telling us all about his work there and upstairs, where he was working on a even smaller scale version. While Hg diverted his attention, I snapped a few shots of him and his pride and joy.

And that’s just one part of our Grand Tour of Britain, conveniently cut into three manageable stretches (Stratford Feb 24/25, Nottingham March 3, Newcastle-Manchester-Leeds March 13-17). I am flying to and fro from various airports where I am met by Hg, the man behind the wheel. Going back to the job in between these outings is nothing less than torture.

While the Nothing Like the Sun shows are the reason we embark on our journey, they don’t seem the centre of it. I am enjoying England, the landscape, the architecture, the drink, the food and the people in their pubs, restaurants and homes. Old fashioned comforts, tasty like the Dandelion & Burdock drink I tried in Beeston’s Victoria pub.

Whether it’s just the two of us going for a pint of Old Trip, or meeting up with friends, having a big cooked breakfast with Hg‘s parents, or being treated by our mad musical hero, it feels like family is the focus.

I feel out of place most of the time. In my house. At work. In my country. With these people. Within myself. But being on the road like this, is like coming home.