Japan, Day 1: AMS -> NRT

This evening at around 5.00 pm I will be boarding flight KL863, arriving at Narita, Japan noon the next day.

It’s 10am in Amsterdam right now and I’m considering heading to the airport already, because the house next door is being renovated and I think they’re about to drill right through my wall. Which isn’t the most zen situation to start ones journey.

My trip starts and ends in Narita/Tokyo (on October 14) and I’ll be visiting Osaka, Kyoto and perhaps Kobe and Nara. Definitely Yokohama. I’m interested in modern, urban life more than traditional so I may skip Nara if I’ve had enough of temples in Kyoto. My itinerary may also change due to a ‘Super” typhoon that’s apparently heading for Japan and is expected to hit the mainland this weekend.

If I don’t succumb to jetlag, expect my first posts from Japan to cover the fish market in Tsujiki as I intend to join the queue for the tuna auction at 4.30am on Saturday morning and then enjoy a sushi breakfast before catching the Shinkansen to Osaka.