Over the moon with my Fujifilm X-E2

I’d fallen for the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 through reviews and pictures of it, but when I saw the real thing in BIC Camera in Shinjuku when I was in Japan earlier this month, I realised it’s just too big (wide) for me. But I spotted the X-E2 in the same shop, read up on that one and by the time I returned to Amsterdam, I knew I had to have one sooner or later.

I’d barely hit the tarmac and was already searching for a second hand body, preferably with a lens that suits my style. I got lucky, found what I wanted (a black body with the Fujinon 18mm/2.0 wide angle), made an offer which got accepted and I picked it up last week.


It’s hard to explain what exactly makes the X-E2 such a joy to shoot with. It’s the right size. The retro look is sexy. I love the odd shape of the 18mm/2.0’s lens hood. I love looking through the EVF and the way it freeze frames the shot you take. I love the so very Fuji colours this camera spits out and the incredible sharpness of the lens in combination with the camera’s sensor.

The Fuji X-E2 has returned the joy of shooting to me. I’m excited in a way my SLR (which I haven’t touched in a year or more) hasn’t made me feel in a long time. I’m reading up on photography again, I’m listening to the “On Take Pictures” podcast and I am making plans during the week to shoot on the weekend.

Mirrorless, baby!