Kaliber 10,000 can add a

Kaliber 10,000 can add a nought to their name. The long awaited redesign is here. Good thing my new monitor should be here soon, cause my old 800×600 can barely handle it. It’s often hard to accept redesigns when you liked the old one so much, but k10k have managed to retain the vibe.

Some guy in Hungary stole

Some guy in Hungary stole my Nick Cave pictures and posted them on his site, thanking me for them. So I told him it’s customary to ask. Got this back: I’m sorry, I forgot, please dont be angry because I ask for permission for something like that, so forgive me it won’t happen again.. But he does it all the time, as far as I can remember. Things like that mildly piss me off. Especially when the person pretends ignorance and grovels and scrapes. Today someone else asked permission to put them up at angelindevilsboots.org, and that was fine with me. See… it’s easy. Just say please.

In mid-1999, shorn at last

In mid-1999, shorn at last of his contractual woes, he began recording, in London, an album for the independent UK label Cooking Vinyl. The album, as yet untitled, will feature 12 powerful new Coughlan compositions, and musical contributions from friends new and old, some of them recorded in Dublin, Paris and San Francisco. Will this, at last, be pop? Is the Pope a Vengaboy? Or something. Over on the MUSE page more about this link: www.cathalcoughlan.com.