In the last 3 jobs

In the last 3 jobs I have had, I have had several colleagues like the ones Matt describes. They work on the company’s site with enthusiasm, yet have no sense or knowledge of the community out there. And if they do, it’s often very local, not global (the way I seem to experience it). Some of them didn’t have net connections at home, or if they did, they hardly used it. Very few had personal sites, and if they did they were once off experiments, never come to fruition. It’s the difference between seeing the net as a ‘career’ or ‘a way of life’. Maybe we are the odd ones? I guess not everybody feels the need for self expression. I couldn’t live without it now, my heart and head would burst. But before the net, I had journals, letters, ‘zines, a book to express myself. What did you do before the net? [ view thread ]