If you think I’m slacking

If you think I’m slacking (not updating as much as before) it’s because I’m knee deep in a site redesign. No, no, not prolific.org. I’m working on gavinfriday.com. Think Jazzy, think Blue Note, think oh what am I getting myself into…

I’ll tell you why Dublin’s

I’ll tell you why Dublin’s such a wonderful place. You’re walking down Dame Street towards a famously owned hotel to get plastered after hours with your mates and your hero and you bump into another talented singer because the traffic lights take so long to switch… and the one singer’s with someone the other singer knows through his pianist partner’s friend and you’re talking to the the other singer because only a week ago he signed your guestbook while on tour in America, surfing from his hotel room… and he asks your hero ‘Have ye given up the anger?’ and says ‘Angel’s’ such a healing song… it’s a glorious madness.

Can you tell I’m missing it?