Breaking news: after 13 years,

Breaking news: after 13 years, Dutch band the Urban Dance Squad (who inspired Rage Against the Machine to form) are unexpectedly calling it quits. Last time I saw them was last year at the Free Tibet Festival in Amsterdam. They sounded as fresh as ever. Sad to see them go. Rude Boy on radio at 10 pm tonight : ‘Four people wanted to continue, the fifth one (guitarist Rene van Barneveld) didn’t. He has problems with press and the record industry.’ Not a happy split, it seems. But then it hardly ever is. This was their greatest (and quietest) moment for me. Want to hear?

N3rd heaven. Turns out I

N3rd heaven. Turns out I could still order the pc I wanted – just has a 3 week delivery time now (instead of the usual one or two days). A bright spot in the otherwise quite cloudy week. I wonder what will go wrong this time. I did request some changes to the original configuration…

We observe an upcoming trend

We observe an upcoming trend in Dutch logging: incorporating Flash in the site. Fair play to ’em for being different, but not sure about the need. ‘s Funny how nations differ in this, when the web was young I saw more Java applets on Dutch pages than on the entire rest of the web. Now every Dutch website (just a few examples of companies in my line of work) HAS to have Flash. I don’t think Jakob Nielsen will have a lot of followers over here. “Usability? Tsk, we have cable and ADSL, we don’t need that minimal shit.” (Prol’s going on a Flash course pretty pretty soon, keep the bosses happy…)

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