I never even asked for

I never even asked for it, but people have been sending me voicemails (+31 20 8839888) nevertheless. So far, nobody’s got past their operators. I’m sorry, you can’t call collect!

I finally got my new

I finally got my new contract (been working without one since November). They’ve changed my job description to webmaster/designer. I don’t think that’s what I am, especially the ‘webmaster’ part. I still have my resume up at Monsterboard, just for the hell of it. Multec recruiters called to see if I was interested working for them. Checking out their site I found out they do detachment, recruitment and selection for ‘highly qualified technical personnel’. I don’t think that description fits me either. I don’t know what the hell I am. I always wanted to be a journalist… but I guess I’m just a geek.

Holland’s IT magazine ‘Automatiseringsgids’ reports

Holland’s IT magazine ‘Automatiseringsgids‘ reports on the ‘fastest internet in the world’. The Netherlands will soon have the fastest Internet in the world when its universities will be connected to the Gigaport project at 2,5 GB per second. Next year, bandwidth will expand to 20 Gbps. Within three years, speed on the backbone will rise to 80 Gbps. ‘A record.; says Kees Neggers, head of Surfnet. Gosh. Lucky us.

Mr Kottke has a new

Mr Kottke has a new feature on his cam: ‘play with Jason’. No, no, get your minds out of the gutter – it’s nothing like that! [ update: I’d only just written this when the first 0sil8.com newsletter in ages arrived in my mailbox. 0sil8.com is not dead!]