This week sees the start

This week sees the start of the Rotterdam filmfestival. It’s choice of opening film ‘The Insider’ turns out to be controversial because it’s a Hollywood production. Hmm. Not having seen the film, there’s no way to judge right now.

Tomorrow is MUC day. Kiss a pig. G’wan… a great big snog!

Prol is positively chuffed with

Prol is positively chuffed with all the people linking to the site. And an average of 216 visitors a day. OK it’s not that impressive. Going past a few logs it’s so amusing to see ‘your’ link do the rounds. Especially llanfairetcetclongestURLintheworld, which I remembered from 95 or so and linked to a few months back. I’m not being cynical, either, I actually am amused.

Happy Australia Day… celebrate by getting yourself a special Aussie e-mail address.

Right, you’ve all seen the

Right, you’ve all seen the new Amazon logo. Now… the European view. I hate it. Why do Americans always try to sell something with a smile? Why must everything always be ‘FUN’? I remember someone ranting about this, he had seen live lobster sold at New Orleans airport in a box with ribbon tied around it and a logo that said ‘Lobster’s FUN, your children will love it’ or something to that effect, and the poor aul’ lobster completely stressed out. I don’t want fun. Don’t want smiley anywhere other than in my e-mail, so that I know when someone is trying out their nation’s version of irony on me. I want to fight for my right to be grumpy. (ooooh, was that a rant?) [ update: Hmm, mebbe this isn’t funny if you haven’t had a lot of conversations about how grumpy Europeans are compared to Americans. ]