The show is over if

The show is over if the fat man doesn’t sing. Maybe Pav has it too?

Hmm. Still feel crap. Saw Apollo 13. Quite an entertaining film for such a thin story. I think watching the 60s/early70s is comforting for us born in that era. I remember being woken up to watch the first man on the moon, but they must have left me asleep during #13 because I don’t remember any of this.

Gary Sinise should get more work, he’s underused and has an interesting face. Never could stand Tom Hanks. He’s become Mister #1-Make-America-Feel-Good. I suspect the American government has these films made on order. ‘Ooops, our ratings are down, better put a Feel Good Movie out.’ But anyway… can you imagine what those astronauts’ families must have gone through… not just on that flight, but on all of them! ‘Daddy won’t be home today, he’s behind the moon, dear.’

Day 4. This is getting

Day 4. This is getting very boring. Talked to an equally flu-ridden) friend on ICQ in the morning till we both got hungry. Shuffled to the shop. Big mistake. Nearly knocked myself out. Chatted on IRC. Chatted on ICQ again, introduced friend to Napster. Felt guilty about chatting all day. Then remembered there isn’t much else I can do.

I wonder what’s going to be the first knock out web site of the year 2000… will it be‘s imminent restyling… will the techno/box feel make way for something more organic?

Day 3. We’re still in

Day 3. We’re still in the ‘it’s-only-getting-worse’-phase and are more or less confined to the bed. Realise I “need” a laptop for the bedroom. Fever dreams are weird and depressing… I think I had one of these ‘my entire life flashes before my eyes’ moments, reading Parson’s ‘Man and Boy’ last night. In a healthy state of mind, one tends to remember the good bits. In sickness however, things are a little different. I feel I understand Zeldman’s piece ‘The Sickness’ a lot better.

Finding a link to a lovely and simple recipe for mackerel [ D ] my Indonesian grandmother used to make cheered me up. Quick translation: clean two mackerels, make some cuts in the skin. Marinate them in a mixture of tamarind, water and salt. Fry them in oil for 15 minutes. When they’re done, saute 3 chopped onions in the same oil, add a chopped chili pepper and 2 chopped cloves of garlic. Finish the sauce adding a bit of sweet soysauce (the thick kind!) and some lemon juice and pour over the fish. Serve with rice and some stir fried beansprouts or paksoy. Not that I’m hungry.

Day 2 of the flu

Day 2 of the flu regime: drink water, tea, kiwi juice, soup, cough mixture, vitamin c. All in large quantities. Do nothing. Shiver a lot.

I’m with Damon on this one. He’s a musician, he expresses himself through his music. That’s what makes his band interesting, and yours boring. Deal with it, ya silly shoegazer. Blur’s ’13’ is excellent.