I don’t think you could

I don’t think you could get fired for what you say in an on line journal over here (it’s very hard to fire people in this country, we’re well protected). I had an on line journal which upset some people. Never understood why they were reading it anyway, guess they were looking for trouble. But anyway, I wouldn’t have liked what I wrote in it either if it had been about me. I first put a password on it, but I didn’t like that, so I took it down and started a mailing list. Even there I find it hard to write what I really feel. I keep worrying I’ll upset my readers.

All this ‘most posts in

All this ‘most posts in smallest amount of time’ nonsense. Why the haste? How about… fewest posts? 37 minutes.

I just ordered Trophies II, a collection of David Sylvian’s lyrics. I got Trophies I back in the 80s.

The wounds on your hands never seem to heal
I thought all I needed was to believe

Here am I, a lifetime away from you
The blood of Christ, or the beat of my heart
My love wears forbidden colours
My life believes

If my imood thing was

If my imood thing was still alive, I would have problems finding a mood to describe my current state of mind. Drained would come closest.

Would you believe Narwal phoned to say my comp is almost ready. Only could I please tell them whether I want a DVD or a CD-Rom player. ‘I have already mailed you about that TWICE,’ I said, ‘a CD-Rom player, please.’ ‘We’ll send it tomorrow.’ ‘Thank you.’
I’m not sure I even want the thing now.
And with my luck, it probably won’t even work.
Hmm… turning into big nerd: 2 pc’s, a mac (and perhaps a laptop soon).
Spoilt child of the west.

It’s always rather disconcerting when

It’s always rather disconcerting when you find out your rellos read your webpage. But anyway. My ‘nephew’ R. says him and C. are my uncles not my nephews. Ok. I’ve no idea how this works, R. is my grandfather’s sister’s son. So he is on the same line as my mother. I guess that does make him my uncle. Hey, that was easy.

Watched the Oscar’s compilation last night and enjoyed it, they seem to have modernised a bit – a less pompous show, and better films awarded. One day I want to see Gavin and Maurice up there. They should have bloody got it for the In the Name of the Father soundtrack.