O painter who painted me

O painter who painted me – Juan Ramon Jimenez (1881-1958)

(Translated by Eloise Roach)

O painter who painted me

in this vague tableau of life

so well, that I almost seem

to be real; Oh paint me

again, and badly, so that I

may seem unreal.

Tonie wonders where the Dutch

Tonie wonders where the Dutch women are? Why aren’ t they weblogging? Is weblogging not ‘useful’ enough? Anyway, I’m here, I’m logging and I count for ten. So there.

Women want tall men? No thanks, I’m not going to spend the rest of my life looking up to someone till my neck hurts.

Prol’s well enough to go

Prol’s well enough to go back to work. More time spent at home would result in a case of cabin fever. Boredom with capital B has set in and I’d like to get back to annoying my colleagues at work, thank you very much. (It seems the B of boredom is very close to D of depression) To celebrate our health, we legged it down to ‘America Today’ and got two pairs of Ecko cargo pants in khaki and olive (I don’t often find trousers that fit lengthwise, so I’ve decided that when I do I stack up on em), and a warm but ugly, in a way only egg yellow can be ugly, fleece jumper to battle the bitter cold. The jumper says ‘old navy‘ on the front, cause that’s the brand. I got the yellow one because I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted red, green or blue and the yellow one was cheaper. That’s prol reasoning for ya!

Leonardo was the biz.

They think cause they make music and a bit of money, that means they can also be actors, painters, politicians, rebels, do-gooders and film makers. Bono wrote the script of Wim Wenders’ new film, well he did it together with Nicholas Klein. Starring Mel Gibson and Milla Jovovich, it’s called the Million Dollar Hotel and the site’s in German. Soundtrack features new U2 songs, stuck together with (the wonderful) Hal Willner’s glue. Incidently, Hal has also produced Lou Reed‘s latest ‘Ecstasy’, which will be released February 16, an album ‘made in New York, by New Yorkers. Reprise Records president Howie Klein said of the album:”There are lyrics on here to offend everybody.”