As usual, I have problems

As usual, I have problems separating my on line identities, so to speak. At the moment, (a.k.a. / is just sitting there looking pretty while I pour my energy into is supposed to be my digital businesscard. However, I have very little to businesscard about – as I’m not freelancing. Talking businesscards, it looks like I’m not getting one from NI, my new employers, cause I’m ‘level 2’ not ‘3’. Whatever. I’ll have my own made. Some day.

I picked this up from

I picked this up from dblog: a site in honour of graphic designer Saul Bass (whom I’d never heard of but am now interested in) with the kind of inobtrusive flash design that I like. You can download the ‘Hitchcock’ font there, but it’s only for Macs – anyone have a PC version? (good Hitchcock link)

From there I surfed over to Hillman-Curtis. I wish I could do flash. Flash like that. But I don’t think I understand motion. Hell, I don’t even understand non-motion.

re: dblog and judging sites by design… It could be good if it were just to point out interesting designs. I don’t like seeing Jish and Riothero, or anybody else for that matter, slammed. Stick to what you like, keep the dislikes to yourself. In a HighFive kind of way.