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New on this site: Prolific Vibes. To listen to Prol’s selection of tunes in streaming mp3, click on the ‘VIBES link in the menu to your right.

Saw Suede last night at the MCV in Utrecht. Must be the 4th of 5th time I’ve seen them. I don’t know what Brett was on, he seemed rather hyper. The great thing about Suede is, you know what to expect, and they deliver. A little change would do them no harm. Support came from Belgian band Arid, featuring a singer with a Jeff Buckley/Ian Astbury complex and a band stuck in the 70s. Singer should ditch the band, go solo.

Talking Belgian bands… all you ever want to know you’ll find at the Belgian pop and rock archives.

Dutch public broadcaster (and my employer) VARA says it is looking into the possibilities of going commercial. I read about this in the papers. [ D ]

It’s World Aids Day. Get

It’s World Aids Day. Get informed and shine brightly.

Saw a documentary made by German film director Werner Herzog about his ‘friendship’ with actor Klaus Kinski. Two mad megalomaniac bastards make for fascinating screen time! Catch ‘My Best Friend‘ if you can. Und dann faengt er an zum Toben… Here’s a, ahem, pretty picture of Kinski in Herzog’s Nosferatu.

Overheard: ‘So yeah… I can basically go anywhere from here. Whatever the decision, you know. If I can’t stay here… I can go to South America, to Africa… travel… you know, America. Whatever. I can do what I want. And that will be it. You know, it stops right there. No calls. No nothing. Well, maybe a birthday e-mail…

Like Harvey Keitel? Some good shots of him on this French ‘Holy Smoke‘ site. Holy Smoke is Jane ‘the Piano’ Campion’s new film. Keitel stars opposite Kate Winslet. Leo… eat your little heart out. [ F ] English site ‘coming soon’.

Dutch KPN will be offering ADSL in all the major cities in the Netherlands by March 2000, and nationwide by summer 2000. Apparently 20% of Dutch households are already on line. Their basic rate will be a bit cheaper than what cable companies are offering, but upload/download speeds not nearly as fast! They do offer several faster, but dearer options. [ D ]

Good collection of search engines and other handy stuff like the phone book, the train schedules, dictionaries, etc. All in [ D ].

Prol’s discovering the delights of

Prol’s discovering the delights of and so far quite liked the musical meanderings of Father Divine, Null Device, Jude Cowan, 40 days and Motorcade.
Talking about mp3s, I think I’m running a bit behind, but I’ve just installed Napster… Not for the bandwidth impaired.

Prol’s not political, never has been (prolitical?), and doesn’t pretend to know much about the Peace Process. Prol does have warm fuzzy feelings for Ireland and hopes they’ll drop those guns right now.

I’m not big on cartoons and animation flicks, but I enjoyed A Bug’s Life this weekend and that’s not just because the adorable Kevin Spacey’s in it. [ buy ]

Into the Heart has sat on my shelf for a while but for some reason decided to read bits of it again this weekend. Interesting insights into the songs of U2 from the band and their closest associates. Count the times ‘oral sex’ is mentioned… [ buy ]

Always suspected Garth Brooks had a dark side. Prol applauds artists who take it one step further.