U2 in Frankfurt and Hannover, August 2010

25 years I’ve been following this band and every time I think ‘ok, that’s enough’, they’ll come and surprise me. Miraculously coming back on the road some 10 weeks after Bono’s spinal surgery seems to have rekindled their love of performing. I don’t remember seeing such joy and enthusiasm on a U2 stage. I’ve seen ‘driven’, ‘intense’, ‘run of the mill’. But ‘joyous’ is another thing. Myself and friends went to Frankfurt and Hannover to see them play and both nights were uplifting and exciting and.

In Hannover I managed to get access to the band’s sounddesk for me and my friends. It’s got a little stage in front of it where guests of the band can watch the show. It’s the best place in terms of view and sound. And gawk at luminaries. We got the German Bundespraesident. I know… rock and roll, right? But Wim Wenders was there too. We all sang ‘Happy birthday’ to the man.

All photos taken with a Lumix DMC-TZ7, post processing in Photoshop Express and Camerabag on iPad

Brett Anderson, Utrecht, January 24, 2010

Enjoyed Brett Anderson’s show at the Tivoli (De Helling) in Utrecht. Of the good: He’s not as aloof as he was in the past. Voice as strong as ever. Has stopped twirling his microphone. Of the bad: He’s been writing the same songs for the past 20 years. He needs to eat a few hamburgers.

All in a day’s work

My photos from TEDx Amsterdam 2009. I’m reasonably happy, but I obviously have a lot to learn re: workflow and keeping the colours consistent. There was one other photographer who was using flash. An ordinary one and a ring flash. Now that I see some of her stuff I am more inclined to learn how to use flash (this one’s good.)

Sugarcubes – Paradiso – Amsterdam – 1988

First of two times I saw the Sugarcubes that year. Bj√∂rk didn’t do much for me (though I appreciated the vocals), but I loved Einar’s in your face, contrary, grating performance. Everybody else hated him. I didn’t know it at the time, but the Sugarcubes were Virgin Prunes fans, which is why they had two lead vocalists.