Ode to George and John P.

Saturday afternoon, watch the gay Pride Canal Parade go by. The sun beats down, the drink flows. Everybody’s a little queer today. And everybody’s very white.


Rainbow flags adorn the houses, women carry babies or bottles of rosé wine. City cowboys line dance to Stand By Your Man.


Hot hard bodies in glittery skirts, sagging bums in leather chaps. Armies of crew cut girrrls from Belfast. Friendly cops behind the ‘pink in blue’ stand.


One lonely, scruffy drunk on a bicycle, screaming: “DIRTY BABY RAPING FUCKING HOMOS!”

Everybody laughs. You’re outnumbered, pal.


I’m blogging this





“What d’ya think of the sign?”
“I think ya should underline ‘what an Irish bar should be'”
“Right. Which word?”
“What the fuck are ye doing underlining that word?”
“You said what!”
“I did not. Lookit, it’s stupid. Underline another!”
“Which one?”
“Feck it, I don’t know. Underline ‘be’.”
“Right so.”
“Jaysus, that’s awful. Do Irish as well.”
“Ah, feck it, I do them all.”


My first Ixus movie. 30 seconds, Windows Media

Canal cruise

{ Amsterdam, 1963, The dad and the scowl }

No story attached to these pictures. I just found them in an old album. I still have the bracelet on my mother’s wrist. She liked silver and liked bold jewelry. I wear it sometimes but it doesn’t look as good on me.

I just wonder why my parents went on a canal cruise when obviously I’m too young to register it and they really should have been above that kind of thing.

(edited to add: yes, I know it’s Amsterdam. Yes, I know how canal cruises work. Yes, I know you can buy pictures. Yes. Yes. Yes. That is not the point.)

All we got is this moment

{ Michael Hutchence, click to enlarge }

It’s not the greatest picture. I wasn’t the biggest fan. But I’ve been listening to U2’s PopMart tour. Hutchence passed away while U2 were touring America, and his death influenced the shows quite a bit.

Hutchence and Bono were neighbours (in France) and friends.

Just listening to the concerts and writing down the words, Bono’s mourning and feelings of guilt, made me remember this shot I took when INXS played the MCV in Utrecht. I think it was 1986 or 7, but I can’t find an exact date for the show.

I had previously seen INXS in ’86, before they ‘broke’ America. They played a free festival in The Hague. Hutchence was mesmerizing. Made you feel he was singing for you alone. As I said, I wasn’t a huge fan, but his star quality was undeniable.

Oddly, what I remember most about the gig in Utrecht was INXS’s guitarist, who I thought was a fine thing. And their saxophonist, who wore cool specs.

I wish I had a recording of the show.

Update (8/2/2003):

Turns out I do have a full recording of the show and the date of the concert was February 16, 1988. It was just after Need you tonight had gone to #1 in the States and one or two months before they broke Europe. They were back in Holland on June 30th, playing the much larger Ahoy arena.

England and Guernsey, late 60s


{…and that’s the only time you’ll see me wearing a skirt}


Apologies for this burst of nostalgia. I restored these photos from tiny inch-sized prints and am just enjoying the full picture, so to say. Wasn’t everything just perfect in the 60’s…