Morning, beautiful

Morning, beautiful

Although my hotel on Osborne Street in London gets bad reviews on travel sites, I didn’t have a problem with it at all. Yes it’s a little run down and I’m sure some people may not find the area attractive. But I like Brick Lane with its vintage clothing shops, cool record store (Rough Trade), Bangla Deshi restaurants, ‘beigel’ bakeries and photo opportunities. Plus some excellent coffee at Coffee@.

Some photos taken in the Tower Hamlets area.

Martha Wainwright embracing the drama

One of the highlights of the 4-hour journey that was Rogue’s Gallery London. Martha Wainwright, a striking blonde with killer pipes belting out Lowlands Away, which her brother Rufus and mother Kate McGarrigle had sung on the Rogue’s Gallery album.

By the way, this was the night’s set list:


2) HOG EYE MAN – Martin Carthy + Chorus

3) MY SON JOHN – Tim Robbins + Chorus

4) HAUL AWAY JOE – Teddy Thompson + Chorus

5) BALTIMORE WHORES – Gavin Friday + Eliza Carthy

6) FAREWELL NANCY – Langley Sisters/Ed Harcourt
7) OLE OG – Langley Sisters/Ed Harcourt

8) SAM’S GONE AWAY – Robyn Hitchcock + Chorus

9) LEAVE HER JOHNNY – Sandy Dillon

10) BONNIE PORTMORE – Kami Thompson + violins

11) ROLLING SEA – Eliza Carthy

12) DAN DAN + OBOE DUEL – David Thomas
13) FIRE DOWN BELOW – David Thomas

14) GED A SHEOL MI AIR – Julie Fowlis

15) MINGULAY BOAT SONG – Chris Difford + Kami

16) GOOD SHIP VENUS – Richard Strange

17) LONG TIME AGO – White Magic
18) BLOOD RED ROSES – White Magic + Chorus

20) TURKISH REVELRY – Neil Hannon + Gita

21) BAY OF BISCAY – Norma + Martin, Eliza

22) SALLY BROWN – Teddy Thompson

23) BULLY IN THE ALLEY – Gavin/Sandy/ Pete?
24) BONEY WAS A WARRIOR – Gavin w/ Shane/Pete?

25) SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Shane McGowan w/Tim/Pete + Chorus

26) HAUL ON THE BOWLINE – Tim Robbins + Chorus
27) THE CRUEL SHIP’S CAPTAIN – Tim Robbins + violins

28) CAROLINE AND HER YOUNG SAILOR – Suzanne Vega + violins

29) LITTLE BOY BILLIE – Ralph Steadman + Chorus

30) ONE SPRING MORNING – Teddy + Kath Williams + violins/BVs

31) ROW THE BOAT CHILD – Jenni Muldaur + Chorus + violins

32) DRUNKEN SAILOR – David Thomas + Shane + Tymon

33) LOWLANDS LOW – Chris Difford + Gita

34) LOWLANDS AWAY – Martha + violins


36) NEW YORK GALS / WILD GOOSE – Robyn Hitchcock + Chorus

37) PINERY BOY – Gavin Friday + violins

38) TURAS – Julie Fowlis

39) LIVERPOOL CHANTEY – Shane + Pete Doherty & Tim + Chorus

40) THE MERMAID – Martin
42) SHALLOW BROWN – Norma + Chorus

43) OLD MAN OF THE SEA – Baby Gramps

Efterklang, Tortoise and Liars at Analog Festival

Efterklang , originally uploaded by Caroline.

My guest pass for the Rogue’s Gallery festival also gave me access to the second day of the Analog Festival.

Three bands I’d never heard of before were on the bill. The concert started with Liars, an American band with an Australian singer. I’ve filed them under Z for Zappa with their experimental rock sound. Not my kind of thing, but frontman Angus was theatrical enough to please the photographer in me.

made me want to hear more. Dressed in folk garb the Danes came across as a happier version of Arcade Fire – with just a tiny hint of Up With People.

The somewhat older band Tortoise followed. Instrumental rock with two drum kits in the foreground. They were a little too jazzy for me at the start, so I wandered around taking pictures of the beautiful setting of the festival, but their rhythms became a little tighter as their set progressed which drew me back in.

View my Efterklang, Liars en Tortoise photos on Flickr.

Rogue’s Gallery in the Dublin Docklands

Lou Reed and Shane McGowan, originally uploaded by Caroline.

My first time competing for shots in the photo pit. All the other photographers were male, tall, big and Irish.

I’ve have tons to edit when I get back home. Rogue’s Gallery was quite the event. Shane McGowan riling up the crowd with Dave-id, Guggi and Gavin Friday. Actor Tim Robbins (who is recording an album?) jamming with Lou Reed. David Thomas (Pere Ubu) in a class of his own. Folk, pop, rock an avant-garde sharing the same stage, stuck together with Hal Willner’s glue.

Doing it all over again next week in London.

Perneau, live at Club Meander


You don’t always get all members of a band together in one shot. This is Perneau, from Utrecht. The bass player’s an ex-colleague of mine and I went to the show specifically to take pictures. I’ve got a nice set on Flickr that’s currently private as I’d like the band to see them first.