Three Candles

Three candles

Think am possibly the only person who can’t stand Dara O’Briain. Though a quick search online reveals other Dubs say he’s ‘a big fat Southside cuntbag’. That explains it then. The thing that puts me off the Leno-like pushing of each of his punchlines with a prolonged ‘eeeehhh’. Wish someone else would host Mock the week.

Auf der Walz

Talbot Street

I shot this one from the hip on Talbot Street in Dublin in 2004. Thought they were on a stag night. Today I found out on MetaFilter they’re German apprentice carpenters going ‘auf der Walz’, basically a working-pilgrimage that lasts three years and one day.

Capel Street


It’s had a fair few paint jobs since we 1. won the raffle 2. set the place on fire 3. killed the fire with a pint and drank the raffle’s bottle of whiskey on the quays, but Slattery’s, once quite the tourist trap, is still going strong.