I was offered a really

I was offered a really good job here a few months ago. Hit it off with the editor-in-chief, who looked like a younger version of this Scotsman. But I would first have to work all the way in an area I did my best to get away from, and later in this city that I’ve never been a fan of. Moolah ain’t everything, ya know. Months later I ran into said editor at the airport. I didn’t recognise me, but he did and said: ‘Hey! VARA! Still there?’ ‘Yes,’ I said, embarrassed, wondering if I should have taken the plunge.

Metababy version 2 is up!

Metababy version 2 is up! With a dangerous new edit-that-post feature, Metababy is hours of fun for the net-besotted. Create your own, or edit someone else’s page to your liking. [ via metafilter ]

Got my Reed tickets, no problem, first row, left hand corner. Waited in line with all the other past-its. The young-uns don’t know what they’re missing.

I miss the ‘muse’ page this site had in its previous inception. That’s where I talked about music, books, films, and other arty things currently on my plate. So I’m considering reinstating it. Fully blogger powered, you can have a looksee here. OK like that, or would you rather have it on the main prolific page?

Lou Reed is playing the

Lou Reed is playing the Royal Carre Theatre in Amsterdam, May 11, and I’m going to try to get tickets for it tomorrow. Listen to this clip of Reed performing his Romeo had Juliette on the World of poetry site: The perfume burned his eyes, holding tightly to her thighs, and something flickered for a minute, and then it vanished and was gone. The man’s a poet. My claim to fame? I used to work with Lou Reed’s assistant’s brother.

On Reed’s site I found this link to photographer Timothy Green-Sanders’ site. Check out the photo of Robert de Niro… portrait of the actor as an old man. [ update: reader Russ Harlan corrects my error. The picture is of the painter Robert de Niro, father of the actor. ]

Remember when they said ‘never

Remember when they said ‘never again’? Well, it’s happening again, in Austria. Hitler-fan Joerg Haider’s party could become part of the Austrian government next week. Other European nations are expressing their concern… but will they act? This man is known to have praised Adolf Hitler’s “orderly employment policy,” and called veterans of the Waffen SS “decent people of good character”. He’s distanced himself from those remarks, of course, any wolf in sheep’s clothing would. Now is the time for the European Community to act.