The yanks had MTV’s Real

The yanks had MTV’s Real World. The Swedish had Expedition Robinson. The Dutch turned the lives of a couple of mindnumbingly boring individuals into the commercial hit that was Big Brother. The Brits are just glad to be…

From the makers of the Expedition Robinson site, another TV related production: Mosquito (click on mosquito 2.0). I have no idea what it’s about (I gather from the text that it’s a site accompanying a new TV show presenting new technology in a humorous way… correct me if I’m wrong) but the flash stuff is impressive. Warning, it will take over your screen. If you don’t understand the Swedish at all, the (small) button for the menu is somewhere in the right hand corner. The button to get your screen back to normal is in the left hand corner (‘avslute’).

When I feel down and

When I feel down and out (and cold), I go for a cuppa. With milk & sugar… or without, depending on the type. My favourite tea at the moment is a strong english or irish breakfast tea, which has been stored with a couple of lapsang souchong bags. It picks up some of the smell, not the smokey taste. Two lumps, dash of milk. Shall I be mother?

Prol’s new theory on the

Prol’s new theory on the success of weblogs in the Netherlands: it must have something to do with the percentage of people enjoying cable/dsl access and relatively cheap ISDN. That and the fact that it’s the first trend on the web that doesn’t require too much talent or vision. ;-)

Another actor of the popular

Another actor of the popular Ballykissangel series passes away. Tony Doyle (who played Brian Quigley) died suddenly in London this Friday. Birdy Sweeney, who played hill-farmer Eamon Byrne, died last May during filming of the fourth series. If this trend continues, none of the series’ favourite characters will be left. I wonder how they’re going to write this one into the series.

I was offered a really

I was offered a really good job here a few months ago. Hit it off with the editor-in-chief, who looked like a younger version of this Scotsman. But I would first have to work all the way in an area I did my best to get away from, and later in this city that I’ve never been a fan of. Moolah ain’t everything, ya know. Months later I ran into said editor at the airport. I didn’t recognise me, but he did and said: ‘Hey! VARA! Still there?’ ‘Yes,’ I said, embarrassed, wondering if I should have taken the plunge.

Metababy version 2 is up!

Metababy version 2 is up! With a dangerous new edit-that-post feature, Metababy is hours of fun for the net-besotted. Create your own, or edit someone else’s page to your liking. [ via metafilter ]

Got my Reed tickets, no problem, first row, left hand corner. Waited in line with all the other past-its. The young-uns don’t know what they’re missing.

I miss the ‘muse’ page this site had in its previous inception. That’s where I talked about music, books, films, and other arty things currently on my plate. So I’m considering reinstating it. Fully blogger powered, you can have a looksee here. OK like that, or would you rather have it on the main prolific page?