Aw shucks, look who’s blog

Aw shucks, look who’s blog of the week @ ‘Ik, zei de gek,’ as we say in Dutch. Thanks guys. I really love doing this, and I haven’t had this much fun on the net since I downloaded my first e-mail from that crummy VAX machine at Utrecht University with something ancient called Kermit. Plus it’s the first time I have felt somehow part of a community. It’s been, as they say, real. The web is amazing. ‘t Is.

Came home to find flowers

Came home to find flowers on my doorstep, courtesy of NI – my new employers. How sweet… I don’t like flowers much or rather the effort to keep them, but do appreciate the gesture.

Don’t you just love Gul Dukat. I just watched the bit where he tells Major Kira he had an affair with her mother. He’s an intriguing character… a lovable villain.