His daughter can kick your

His daughter can kick your ass. I’d been at the page before, admiring the tree. But I hadn’t read the words yet. Moving words.

Words. Some of my favourite words are: ‘gauge’, ‘peninsula’, and ‘superfluous’.

There used to be a

There used to be a joke about Aer Lingus stewardesses announcing ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we have now landed at Dublin airport, please don’t forget to set your watches back 50 years.’ But Ireland has definitely moved into the 21st century. One of the country’s biggest local authorities is to consider introducing a bye-law giving gay, lesbian and unmarried heterosexual couples the same rights as married couples. Cork County Council is the first local authority in the country to consider such a move. The Council has referred the proposed bye-law to the Department of Justice for a legal opinion Peter Kelly, Cork County councillor, outlines the proposed legislation. (from RTE)