Lou Reed is playing the

Lou Reed is playing the Royal Carre Theatre in Amsterdam, May 11, and I’m going to try to get tickets for it tomorrow. Listen to this clip of Reed performing his Romeo had Juliette on the World of poetry site: The perfume burned his eyes, holding tightly to her thighs, and something flickered for a minute, and then it vanished and was gone. The man’s a poet. My claim to fame? I used to work with Lou Reed’s assistant’s brother.

On Reed’s site I found this link to photographer Timothy Green-Sanders’ site. Check out the photo of Robert de Niro… portrait of the actor as an old man. [ update: reader Russ Harlan corrects my error. The picture is of the painter Robert de Niro, father of the actor. ]

Remember when they said ‘never

Remember when they said ‘never again’? Well, it’s happening again, in Austria. Hitler-fan Joerg Haider’s party could become part of the Austrian government next week. Other European nations are expressing their concern… but will they act? This man is known to have praised Adolf Hitler’s “orderly employment policy,” and called veterans of the Waffen SS “decent people of good character”. He’s distanced himself from those remarks, of course, any wolf in sheep’s clothing would. Now is the time for the European Community to act.

The company I work for

The company I work for is frontpage news again (not that it’s real news), which leads me to the site of Dutch ‘Algemeen Dagblad‘, a daily. I don’t surf the Dutch web as much as I perhaps should (I’m an anglophile, always have been always will), so I hadn’t seen it before. Most of the Dutch newspapers seem stuck in this ‘2nd-generation’ design idea, but AD seems to have skipped even ‘3rd generation’ and moved on to ‘post-fancy-sites-generation’. In other words, I like it. Not particularly inventive, but it does the job. (Does all this mumbo-jumbo make me a child of the Siegel generation?)

Overslept an hour. Found a

Overslept an hour. Found a macro virus on my work comp. Am now staring at a black screen and have to use the other machine on my desk, not so lovingly called Mr Turtle (It’s a Mac G3 266), until the techies find the right anti-virus bootdisk for my Athlon. What a strange week it has been. I feel ready for change. But Prol must be careful not to turn this site into a journal. Been there, done that.

Anyway, metafilter pointed me to Geri Halliwell’s site and as usual I immediately clicked the link to the makers. Looking through their smashing portfolio, I’m envious to see they did so many music related sites. In everything I do on the web, I get the most pleasure and the best inspiration from the (few) sites I’ve done for or about musicians. There’s usually a wealth of material (sleeves, promos, pictures, sounds) and (hopefully) a vision, a vibe you can try to convey. At work, I get stuck… the radioshows and tv programmes don’t give me that kind of thrill. Music is the biggest thing. In prol’s book.

Thank you, Bloat, for the kind words. :-) chuff chuff chuff.