One of Ireland’s greatest talents,

One of Ireland’s greatest talents, from Cork no less, finally returns to the boards in his first interview in ages. A new album’s in the making.

I used to be a big fan of this guy, and even started a site back in 1995 (the first ever site about him) which got me a lot of publicity. As any site did at the time, I suppose!

Animals make different sounds in different languages… or rather: each language represents them differently. Sounds of the World’s Animals.

C’mon Ireland, give the boy a chance.

New on this site: Prolific

New on this site: Prolific Vibes. To listen to Prol’s selection of tunes in streaming mp3, click on the ‘VIBES link in the menu to your right.

Saw Suede last night at the MCV in Utrecht. Must be the 4th of 5th time I’ve seen them. I don’t know what Brett was on, he seemed rather hyper. The great thing about Suede is, you know what to expect, and they deliver. A little change would do them no harm. Support came from Belgian band Arid, featuring a singer with a Jeff Buckley/Ian Astbury complex and a band stuck in the 70s. Singer should ditch the band, go solo.

Talking Belgian bands… all you ever want to know you’ll find at the Belgian pop and rock archives.

Dutch public broadcaster (and my employer) VARA says it is looking into the possibilities of going commercial. I read about this in the papers. [ D ]