When Derek and I were

When Derek and I were in Dublin last year, drinking with this guy, we met this painter and ex-Virgin Prune, who is really called Derek too – but doesn’t like being called that. His site hasn’t changed since it went up, maybe two years ago. So I figure maybe if it gets some traffic and e-mail it will be updated. Guggi’s done a lot of artwork for this hotel in Dublin, he once showed me his painting of a young girl which was influenced by the Dutch masters (Vermeer, I’d say) in the basement of the hotel, where a nightclub called The Kitchen is located. Both hotel and club are owned by U2, who haven’t got an official website, which is pathetic.

A friend mentioned to me

A friend mentioned to me over dinner that the city of Gent in Belgium has a great website. I usually take such remarks with a grain of salt because what’s great in some people’s minds is not in mine, but I must admit, this is pretty cool. It does seem a bit modern/severe for a city that’s full of old monuments and smells of shit a lot of the time (the river that runs through it is fairly pungent). I do like Gent a lot, I’ve had some great times there at the Vooruit.

My upstairs neighbour has been

My upstairs neighbour has been sawing, hammering and drilling for the last three days. It’s doing my head in. If he wants to become a webdesigner (he does) he should drop the tools and get behind a computer. I have work to do here.