I’m on cable but have

I’m on cable but have retained my dial in account at xs4all, just because. As from today they offer their own WAP-gateway to all their customers. You can dial in to a special WAP number, avoiding the charges of your regular phone company. To top it off, you can put your own WAP start page on the xs4all servers. This makes xs4all the first WAP enabled provider in The Netherlands. Great. Now all I need is a WAP phone.

It sometimes baffles me how

It sometimes baffles me how the prol mind works. I have to do this chore, a site for a client (that’s their old site). And I need to show some work tomorrow. So I get up early and waste the morning blogging, and going to the post office. Then I waste some more time going to the shops for food and a storage box. Then I chat with some people. Then I start doing ANOTHER chore, something I’d never do… (anything to keep me from doing my duty) clear out a box of collectibles (cuttings, articles, photos) to put it in the storage box I bought. I end up reading half the articles and smiling at the pictures and reminiscing about the good old days. So around 2 pm… I reluctantly start on my original chore. Sigh. Now it’s 4.30 and what am I doing? Blogging again. I have NO discipline. Good thing I’m not a freelancer. Prol needs to be harnassed, locked up in an office all day.