I too did the Grim

I too did the Grim Reaper test and it pronounced me 26 instead of 36. Which is uncanny because a very long time ago, in my ‘troubled’ youth, I was once diagnosed as being 10 years behind, emotionally. (my ‘development had slowed down when my mother died’) And that’s enough personal info for today.

Piece of advice: if you

Piece of advice: if you own a lot of CDs (like I do) it’s a good idea to document them, write down what you have and take pictures. Insurance companies don’t believe anyone has more than 100 CDs. And that’s just one of the enlightening subjects touched upon during the first Dutch bloggers meeting.

I’m not one for skimpy

I’m not one for skimpy dresses, and usually think they look tacky on other women. But there’s something about the Jennifer Lopez’ dress that makes her looks quite stylish. It could be because the rest of her outfit is quite toned down, easy 60s hair, no flashy make up. She looks like an extra in ST-TOS. Someone James T. would like to get up on. And let’s face it, he had style ‘n’ taste. Well, back then when I was little he did.

Just back from Zwolle where

Just back from Zwolle where 11 Dutch and Belgian bloggers (and friends) met up to plot their course. A lot of fun, food and drink was had by all. Thanks to skin & nina for the lift and to Ramon for organising things. Amazingly, Ramon even made it to the gathering – arriving half way through dinner, sun burnt and straight from Barcelona, Spain! Our next meeting will probably take place in Antwerp, Brussels, home of Ludo’s Le Temps Perdu.