For the next century, I’d

For the next century, I’d like artists to feel safe in this world.

Behind the scenes @ we are working on a new look for the new century. Will we or will we not give in to standard weblog format?

U2 will be playing a “Freedom of Dublin City” Concert, Smithfield Civic Square, Dublin, Ireland, March 19 2000. Venue holds 8000 people – ticket sales TBA.

Never had one at home, always received them at work. Now I can get them anywhere: old school media: fax (or voicemail) me something groovy: +31 20 8839888. Courtesy of XOIP.

See the smiley in the right hand menu? It’s an odd concept… I’ll try it out, cause I’m a moody s.o.b. anyway.

During delightful dinner today, prol and friend discussed New Year’s Resolutions. I never really have any. This time I’ve decided to try and be more social. Friend had some simple but probably effective tips. By the way, do you – net-savvy person – get to fix ALL your friends’ net problems too? Isn’t it just great?

The best music show on the face of the planet finally has some web pages.

Prol’s so glad to have

Prol’s so glad to have been an early adaptor. On line since late 93 (e-mail downloaded from a VAX though Kermit & zmodem), playing with Gopher and Archie throughout 94, discovering the www with Lynx and late 94 or early 95 the proud owner of Netscape 0.9. I still have it on the floppy disk it arrived on. Invention of the century? I think my first webpage was on line in April 95. Wish I’d kept copies of it all.

The Dutch are spending 100 million guilders (50 million dollars) on fireworks this New Year’s Eve. That’s insane. [ D ]

The USA is way ahead of Europe in internet usage. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) will probably end that, as this continent’s mobile phones density is higher.

Mad dogs and Englishmen. Is

Mad dogs and Englishmen.

Is your computer ready for the big Y2k? Be prepared.

Christmas telly can be good, but I’d seen most of what was on. Rented Entrapment, Sean Connery wasted on the script and Miss Zeta-Jones (yawn), also got Wim Wenders’ The End of Violence (double yawn, Gabriel Byrne wasted in overly long meandering script). Has Wenders actually made anything decent since Der Himmel Ueber Berlin? I very much enjoyed a Wallace and Gromit style animated film about Robin son of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Absolutely delightful but perhaps a little colloquial (British). Also enjoyed Roald Dahl’s gritty humour in Matilda… not just for the kids. Little Mara Wilson looks a lot like the younger Prol. Strange experience, looking at yourself. No, I can’t move stuff with my eyes. I think.

Person of the century. It’s hard to choose because so few of us actually are centenarians. Time magazine chose Albert Einstein. I don’t even know what the relativity theory is. Wanna tell me? Anyway, I think my person of the century is Nelson Mandela.

Oh for godsakes, just ban the fucking things.

Nicely designed Bond site. [ G ] An English version seems to be in the making.