Can I just say: don’t

Can I just say: don’t host with I have been waiting for them to help me sort out a popmail problem on one of my domains since way before Christmas. Before November, they’d answer every mail to the helpdesk withing 2 working days. I’ve sent them three requests since Christmas and have had no answer at all. Their autoreply still says ‘our offices are closed till January 4.’ It’s the 22nd, idiots, wake up from your holiday stupor.

This site used to have

This site used to have the subtitle ‘she logs for Europe’ which was kind of a take off on ‘she flirts for England’… something Bono once said about Paula Yates. Anyway… I’m logging. Not flirting, honest. I wouldn’t know how to flirt to save my life. (I should get help) And what’s a ‘blog circle? I can’t keep up with all this terminology!

I? Moody? It’s the weekend,

I? Moody? It’s the weekend, so how can I be grumpy?

A word on migraines. If you are suffering from them regularly, go see a doctor and ask if you can try beta blockers. I’ve had migraines for twenty years and late last year when I started getting them twice a week, I’d had enough and saw my doctor. They put me on metoprololtar, and it’s been amazing. I still get migraines once every while, but they are nowhere near as bad and as frequent. I wish I’d gone years ago. Beta blockers are used for lots of things… to treat high bloodpressure, heartpatients get them, athletes take them to combat performance nerves. So far, I haven’t experienced any of the gruesome contra indications.

At long last, a proper Dutch filmzine. [ D ] An initiative of NO TV ‘the first European Broadband Entertainment Portal, brought to you from BroadbandValley: Amsterdam The Netherlands’. Blah blah blah.

Currently playing: Placebo, Without you

Currently playing: Placebo, Without you I’m nothing. David Bowie thinks Placebo are the most important band of their generation. I wouldn’t go that far, but they are exciting. In a musical way.

Thing is, I like a man wiff a birruf make-up on. Or a dress. Mr Izzard, spokesman for the TV generation explains why.

Prol’s got yet another job offer. Well… they’re interested. So am I. So we’ll meet Feb 4th. One of the funkiest things about this job is that it’s only up the road. Walking distance. Longish walk. A short dash on the bike. So tempting… just wondering whether I’m cut out to be an ‘information architect’.