Super! Es gibt jetz auch

Super! Es gibt jetz auch ‘ne Deutsche Weblogger:, ‘the world according to Christian Langreiter’.

Hey look, VARA’s looking for a new web designer. That’s because I’m leaving. It annoys me that I did not get the opportunity to get rid of those ugly blue pages my predecessors put up. Oh well. Hardly my fault.

‘I’m not a programmer, I

‘I’m not a programmer, I learnt by reading the help files…’: a short interview with Yugo Nakamura, of, at Extralucky. (under Mono Craft)

I’m sure these guys read some help files too: Der Bauer, in Germany, do an impressive flash thing – with an impressive *wait*: you’ll need a super connection for this. Unfortunately they do those bio-mechanic ‘Giger’ type graphics that give me the shivers. I must say I prefer the jazzy simplicity of the boys at Front-Page design.

When Derek and I were

When Derek and I were in Dublin last year, drinking with this guy, we met this painter and ex-Virgin Prune, who is really called Derek too – but doesn’t like being called that. His site hasn’t changed since it went up, maybe two years ago. So I figure maybe if it gets some traffic and e-mail it will be updated. Guggi’s done a lot of artwork for this hotel in Dublin, he once showed me his painting of a young girl which was influenced by the Dutch masters (Vermeer, I’d say) in the basement of the hotel, where a nightclub called The Kitchen is located. Both hotel and club are owned by U2, who haven’t got an official website, which is pathetic.

A friend mentioned to me

A friend mentioned to me over dinner that the city of Gent in Belgium has a great website. I usually take such remarks with a grain of salt because what’s great in some people’s minds is not in mine, but I must admit, this is pretty cool. It does seem a bit modern/severe for a city that’s full of old monuments and smells of shit a lot of the time (the river that runs through it is fairly pungent). I do like Gent a lot, I’ve had some great times there at the Vooruit.