Tooting our own horn, here’s

Tooting our own horn, here’s the page I fuct together literally seconds before I collapsed with the flu. The page itself is nothing special, but the programs are cool. Kika NY is a 14 part series on New York youth culture. The text on the site is all in Dutch, but 90% of the program is in English, and we’re offering all the shows in Real Video which looks pretty good if you have a fast connection. There’s something for everyone: basketball, gay outcasts, fashion, graffiti, Indian club scene, etc etc. The Real Video files are put on line the day of the TV broadcast – so far we’ve aired the first 3.

I mentioned earlier this week

I mentioned earlier this week that my new job description is webmaster/designer… (it used to be ‘internet editor’) and that I didn’t think that’s what I am. To me, a webmaster runs the server. Which is not what I do. But the wdvl (web developers virtual library) says: Webmaster n. person who manages a web; mediator between web authors and system administrator – ensures that applicable standards such as HTML validity and link liveness are met, optimises the web architecture for navigability, takes editorial responsibility for the content, quality and style of the site; finds, creates and installs tools to create web content and check consistency; develops and enforces the house style; liaises with graphic artists; provides first level user support. I can sort of live with that, but am still disappointed I’m not an editor. Not a journalist. A webmaster.