I keep thinking of what

I keep thinking of what I thought was the best line in American Beauty: when Lester, at the start of the film, introduces his daughter who is showing all the signs of adolescence. It went something like: “She’s the typical teenager, confused and insecure. I’d like to tell her it gets better, but I don’t want to lie to her.”

Rumour has it REM will be writing and recording this spring. Apparently, guitarist Peter Buck has told US reporters the new material is likely to follow the experimental direction the band took on ‘Up‘. That’s good, because I really liked ‘Up.’

One of my heroes, the

One of my heroes, the wonderful Stephen Fry writes about his hero P.G. Wodehouse in the Independent.

Some homepages stick out because they use a striking typeface you haven’t seen before. What’s it called, Tom?