On a lighter note (than

On a lighter note (than below) Riothero received the #10,000 prize I awarded him a few days ago. Hurrah for snail mail services. It is my mission to promote the word of GAV. So far, Mark says the CDs ‘ kick ass’. That’s cause our Gav has big boots. (and a big effing mouth)

All week people have been

All week people have been asking me what I think of my company’s intentions to leave the Dutch public broadcasting system (VARA reaches its final decision this Friday), and become ‘private’ (commercial). And my answer has been: ‘The discussion is futile. It’s laughable how some Dutch broadcasters are arguing and bickering about being public or going private and on which TV frequency they should be allowed to air their programmes, and how they should stick together. What they should be planning is their future in the wired world. Cop on or go under. The Time Warners and AOLs of the world will take over, and Dutch public broadcasters won’t know what hit them.’ Today, SBS and Endemol Entertainment announced they are going in business with Planet Internet. So am I a visionary? No. Anyone without blinkers on would have realised.

To be honest, I think the public system is quaint, always has been. Rooted deeply in this country’s pillared society. It’s time we thought global rather than parochial. Try to explain it to anyone not Dutch and they’ll run in despair, covering their ears, shouting: ‘I’m not listening, I’m not listening!’