N3rd heaven. Turns out I

N3rd heaven. Turns out I could still order the pc I wanted – just has a 3 week delivery time now (instead of the usual one or two days). A bright spot in the otherwise quite cloudy week. I wonder what will go wrong this time. I did request some changes to the original configuration…

We observe an upcoming trend

We observe an upcoming trend in Dutch logging: incorporating Flash in the site. Fair play to ’em for being different, but not sure about the need. ‘s Funny how nations differ in this, when the web was young I saw more Java applets on Dutch pages than on the entire rest of the web. Now every Dutch website (just a few examples of companies in my line of work) HAS to have Flash. I don’t think Jakob Nielsen will have a lot of followers over here. “Usability? Tsk, we have cable and ADSL, we don’t need that minimal shit.” (Prol’s going on a Flash course pretty pretty soon, keep the bosses happy…)

Running Tally redesigned. A few days ago. Late link.

I seldom do these things,

I seldom do these things, but this morning I downloaded the new Mozilla alpha release (“netscape 5.0”). Installed it. Tried it. It crashed. Continuously. Didn’t get to see one page, except the mozilla.org site. Am not impressed.