Did anyone else get this

Did anyone else get this extremely tacky PLASTIC ‘coffee tumbler’ from amazon.com? ‘Thank you for spending all your salary at our company.’ I appreciate the gesture, but why plastic? Why not gimme… a book or something?

So today is Valentine’s Day.

So today is Valentine’s Day. (Saint Valentine’s remains are kept in a casket at Whitefriar Street Church on Aungier Street, Dublin. Or so they want to believe. I love Aungier Street. It’s common, it’s dirty, it’s a road I walked up and down many a time, out of my head on whiskey and beer.). Got one card from a friend. Sent one letter… but it’s got nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. Honest, guv. My first recollection of Valentine’s Day is from the Peanuts comic strip. That’s how I learnt about American customs when they hadn’t crossed the pond yet.