We observe an upcoming trend

We observe an upcoming trend in Dutch logging: incorporating Flash in the site. Fair play to ’em for being different, but not sure about the need. ‘s Funny how nations differ in this, when the web was young I saw more Java applets on Dutch pages than on the entire rest of the web. Now every Dutch website (just a few examples of companies in my line of work) HAS to have Flash. I don’t think Jakob Nielsen will have a lot of followers over here. “Usability? Tsk, we have cable and ADSL, we don’t need that minimal shit.” (Prol’s going on a Flash course pretty pretty soon, keep the bosses happy…)

Running Tally redesigned. A few days ago. Late link.

I seldom do these things,

I seldom do these things, but this morning I downloaded the new Mozilla alpha release (“netscape 5.0”). Installed it. Tried it. It crashed. Continuously. Didn’t get to see one page, except the mozilla.org site. Am not impressed.

Web art at noweb.org, en

Web art at noweb.org, en français: ‘No web is a polymorphic site around a cultural elite who do not want to change the world. A world they find marvelous, full of gigantic superheroes and princesses metamorphosized by Wonderbras…’ Caution, not for erm, minors?

I FINALLY made a decision

I FINALLY made a decision to buy a new computer. Finally decided to ignore the fact that I don’t really have the cash for it. Went to the site of the shop I’d chosen. THEY NO LONGER HAVE THE OFFER I WAS AFTER. I am sooooo bummed out.

‘Something about me stood apart…’

‘Something about me stood apart…’ David sings on his 1999 single Thursday’s Child. Lonely at the top, Mr Bowie née Jones chats on line tonight at 6.30 GMT. [ update: and this is one of the things he’s saying right now: Has dance music culture killed rock music? David: No, rock music kills rock music. When the vocabulary of any artform gets too well known it dissapates its dynamic. Once everybody can play the e chord on a guitar, once everybody can sample what they want at home on a cheap computer, medium suddenly becomes the message and the message seems to be, This is lifestyle music not attitude music. I think we probably buy our music much in the same way as we buy our clothes now, it’s no longer the replacement to church. Amen. ]

Bowie joke: ‘Oi, Mistah Bowie, didn’t ya useta be queeor? And then ya married Iman…’